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Standard collets and heads

Exact concentricity, maximum precision and longevity are quality features of our collets and clamping heads. During production, all design features are tailored to the intended use. The standard accuracy range is 10 µm. Depending on your requirements, we manufacture collets and clamping heads with an accuracy range of less than 3 µm. Our collets are vulcanized directly by us. Many years of experience guarantee a long service life. The clamping surface is designed in transverse, longitudinal, transverse-longitudinal grooved and smooth. To further increase service life, we use coatings on the clamping devices that are tailored to the application. All collets are available in stock upon request.

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Pressure collets
Row 100
feed tongs
Row 200
Row 300
Clamping heads for clamping raw and finished parts
reducing sleeves
Segment collets