About SWS clamping tools

Precision is our craft

The development and manufacture of special precision clamping devices requires many years of experience, expertise in design and precision in manufacturing. As with extreme climbing “free solo” and “speed climbing”, precise preparation is required. This guarantees safety and precision with ever shorter cycle times, during use and in different environmental situations. We meet this requirement for high-precision clamping devices for industrial production every day.

We develop and manufacture standard and special clamping devices for workpiece and tool clamping. The highest demands on precision, quality and ease of service are always placed in the foreground. In addition to collets, special collets, mandrels and sleeves, our product portfolio also includes complete clamping systems and quick-change interfaces to optimize set-up times. With almost 100% vertical integration, including our own salt bath hardening shop, we produce clamping devices from a single source.

Our founder Mr. Weber


We have that under control. This was the motto of the founder, Mr. Weber, when he began producing collets for mechanical engineering in 1920. It was the promise to its customers that all products would be delivered with the highest precision and constantly optimized. The founding motto from back then still applies. Today, SWS – Spannwerkzeuge GmbH is one of the leading international clamping device manufacturers of special clamping devices and precision tools.

With the high demands of our customers, our know-how in the development and manufacture of clamping tools has continued to grow. It is implemented by qualified and committed employees with long years of service and a lot of experience in clamping device construction. More than 400 of our own designs for well-known customers prove this expertise.

Perfection from tradition. We have been delivering innovative and long-lasting clamping solutions for almost 100 years. We meet your expectations for clamping devices for productive use: increased productivity, longevity, ease of service, cost and setup time optimization and fast delivery times. This is what the name SWS – Spannwerkzeuge GmbH stands for.



Precision and perfection

To ensure the customer requirements of our clamping devices for industrial production, we use the most modern measuring techniques (coordinate measuring machine) and test procedures. This precision confirms the demands placed on our production, which enables us to produce clamping devices with concentricity of less than 3µm. All clamping devices can be delivered with a test report upon request. This documents the highest quality standards.

With the current version of 3D CAD Solidworks and the use of the finite element method (FEM), we have the most modern calculation and design software for the development and manufacture of special clamping devices. We define the specifications for the special clamping devices in close cooperation with our customers.

Experience and know-how

When producing clamping devices, we rely on our many years of experience, selected materials, the hardening process and our manufacturing expertise. The key to success is a holistic approach when producing precision clamping devices.

An innovative design, a material tailored to the application, high-precision manufacturing, our sophisticated vulcanization process in hot and cold and the assembly of sophisticated clamping systems make the benefits for our customers tangible. In addition, the service life of our products is approximately 20% longer compared to competitive products.

Grab. Tighten. Position.

Product brochure for download

Our product brochure offers an authentic insight into our company, our products, our history and our services.