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SWS Spannwerkzeuge GmbH has been an attractive company with above-average growth for years. Every year SWS is looking for trainees who want to further strengthen our very strong team of more than 80 people with their skills and personality in the long term: people who enjoy the latest CNC technology and team spirit.

Our goal is to transition into long-term, permanent employment. That's why we invest a lot in intensive and professionally diverse training and run our own training workshop. We promote the empowerment of each individual and believe in the strength of the team. Our working atmosphere is characterized by collegiality, shared ambition and mutual care.

When selecting our trainees, motivation and team spirit are just as important to us as the willingness and desire to acquire professional qualifications. The same also applies to skilled workers and career changers from other industries who have good entry, qualification and development opportunities at SWS through internal and external training. We have stood for innovative and long-lasting clamping solutions for 100 years - and we have been providing training for just as long. We still have a lot to do. Become part of our success story!

Ready for a career in the industrial trades?

We are already accepting your applications for the start of training in 2024.

SWS training brochure

In our brochure you will find everything you need to know about our training offers - from the teaching content to the prospects after completion. You will also find further information about training and contact details.

Our apprenticeships.

Office management clerks carry out organizational and commercial-administrative activities. For example, you handle correspondence, design presentations, procure office supplies, plan and monitor appointments, prepare meetings and organize business trips.

They also support personnel deployment planning and purchase external services. They also look after customers, participate in order processing, write invoices and monitor incoming payments.

Source: Federal Employment Agency

Cutting mechanics produce components for machines, engines or turbines, for example. To do this, they usually work with CNC-controlled turning, milling and grinding machines. You enter the manufacturing parameters into the machines or retrieve programs from the machine memory and modify them if necessary. They then select the tools, clamp metal blanks, align them and start up the machines. They monitor the machining processes, remove the finished workpieces and check whether dimensions and surface quality meet the specifications. In the event of malfunctions, they use established test procedures to find the cause and correct the problem. Their tasks also include regular inspection and maintenance of the machines.

Source: Federal Employment Agency

Industrial clerks control business processes in companies. In materials management, they compare offers, negotiate with suppliers and oversee the receipt and storage of goods. In the production economy, they plan, control and monitor the production of goods or services and create order documents. Her areas of responsibility in sales include preparing calculations and price lists and conducting sales negotiations with customers.

Source: Federal Employment Agency

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