Special collets and clamping heads

Depending on the clamped workpiece and the inserted clamping devices we will manufacture all customised geometries and diameters from Ø 0,130 mm up to Ø 300 mm.

Production will be in accordance with customer drawings or on the basis of our own design. Special carbide inserts, either glued or soldered, improve lifetime. Additionally coatings increase wear resistance, prevent gumming at the location bore, avoid clamping imprints and increase holding torques.

We offer these specialised designs in order to increase lifetime and rely hereby on our vast experience in nearly 100 years company history.

Our emphasis lies on:


Tool collets
Toothing collets
Collets with carbide inserts
Segment collets with special design
Clamping heads with special design
DIN Standard collets with special design
Reduction bushes

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