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Membrane chuck MSF

Our membrane chucks are available in different designs and diameters. From the 3-jaw chuck with a diameter of Ø 200 to the 6-jaw chuck with a diameter of Ø 400 - with or without planing, completely tailored to your requirements. With our chucks, thin-walled ring gears up to Ø 375 mm can easily be clamped with little deformation for internal machining. Thanks to the multi-point clamping principle, your workpiece experiences a radial deformation of just 0.004 mm with a clamping force of 3000 N.

Benefits for your process

  • Ultra-fast changeover of jaws and stop < 2 min.
  • Repeatability of < 0.003 mm
  • Time savings when changing clamping devices < 5 min.
  • Low maintenance intervals

Highest precision
When manufacturing our membrane chucks, we rely on our many years of experience in design and our high-precision manufacturing expertise.

Suitable workpieces

  • Ring gears
  • Cylindrical workpieces
  • Gears